Permobil NZ Spinal Trust Team – Tour of NZ 2023, April 10th – 14th

It’s back! Bigger and better than ever! …. And probably for the last time 😕  So we’re going all out. This year we have a team of over a dozen riders, all looking forward to taking on the 5 day challenge that is TONZ 2023.  Woo hoo! 🤩

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About the Campaign

All our riders are putting their heart and soul (and body) into this and NZST really, really appreciates their dedication and enthusiasm. Come Monday April 10th the NZST Facebook page will be taken over by the Permobil NZ Spinal Trust Team and all updates will be there.

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We start in Arthur’s Pass on Easter Monday and ride down the West Coast, through Haast Pass, finishing on Friday 14th at the top of the Crown Range … whew!  And then celebrate with dinner and prizegiving at the Queenstown Gondola.

Last year our small but mighty team included the overall winner … what can we achieve this year? Well … a great fundraiser for a starter! Every member of the team is focussed on raising funds to support positive futures for people with an SCI … in fact two of our riders have a lived experience of SCI, and a third is whānau to someone with an SCI.

And if you’re making a donation to encourage a particular rider – mention their name in the comments to spur them on!

We are so grateful to our sponsors for supporting this effort – HUGE shout out to Permobil NZ, Etco – The Electrical Training Company and Dynamic Controls.  We love you! ❤


Where did the last three weeks go?! Less than a fortnight to go and the excitement is building 😀 Fundraising is ramping up and the individual competition is tight for the top 3 😉


With only 5 weeks to go 😲 thought it was time to introduce you to the team … We’re keeping track of donations and the individual who raises the most gets a bottle of something special to celebrate 🎉🍾 So if you’re supporting a particular person, be sure to mention them in the comments!


Introducing Matt – Picton:

Cat and I have been involved with a number of TONZs – me always riding and helping with mechanical repairs … often right before the start … sometimes into the dead of night. And Cat has been the speedy driver for the photographers and other helpful stuff. We also run the honey raffle & sales on tour, so get ready for that sweet treat!

I’ve chosen to ride for the Spinal Trust this year to boost their ranks. So many amazing charities, so we’re looking forward to this year’s Tour.

I love the banter and riding with awesome people. Also the camaraderie on the road and friendships built amongst the riders and crew.

Cheers. Buy some Koromiko honey & wish us all luck and safe travels

If you’d like to give to support Matt’s efforts, please mention him in your donation comments 🙂


Hello! My name is Bruce and I am thrilled to be participating in the Tour of New Zealand cycling journey to support the NZ Spinal Trust. This incredible journey spans 5 days and covers 500 km, through some of the most beautiful and challenging terrain in New Zealand.

I am honored to be riding alongside a dedicated group of individuals who share my passion for cycling and desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those living with spinal cord injuries. The NZ Spinal Trust provides vital support, advocacy, and resources for those affected by spinal cord injuries, and I am proud to be supporting their important mission.

I invite you to join me in making a difference by making a donation to the NZ Spinal Trust. Your support will make a significant impact on the lives of those in need. Thank you for your generosity and support!

If you’d like to give to support Bruce’s efforts, please mention him in your donation comments 🙂


Hi Everyone

I am Lesley from Auckland, born and bred in Scotland. Having nursed for over 30 years I have seen first-hand the impact of spinal injuries on both individuals and the wider family. I feel very lucky to be able to ride my bike and to be able to do that and raise money for such a worthy charity “New Zealand Spinal Trust” is such a privilege. I am looking forward to the beautiful scenery and meeting lots of like-minded people, all riding for a good cause. Thank you everyone for supporting me to raise funds for this wonderful charity, let’s do this!!

If you’d like to give to support Lesley’s efforts, please mention her in your donation comments 🙂


Hi, I’m Jack. I’m from sunny Roxburgh, Central Otago. If I’m not out on my bike, then I’m probably out picking apricots on our family orchard.

I live a pretty active lifestyle with both work and leisure, and I cannot imagine what it’d be like to have that suddenly taken away from me. Mobility is one of those things that we all take for granted.

The NZ Spinal Trust does fantastic work helping support both people with spinal cord injuries and their families.

I have chosen the NZ Spinal Trust as my charity for the 2023 Tour of NZ, to help enable their services to continue into the future.

If you’d like to give to support Jack’s efforts, please mention him in your donation comments 🙂


Introducing Simon – Christchurch:

As Managing Director of Dynamic Controls I am delighted that we are sponsoring the NZ Spinal Trust whose work is dear to our purpose.  As a result of the infectious energy and persuasive powers of Hans Wouters I am also excited (and a bit nervous! ) to attempt to ride the Tour of NZ, along with Topher Hurley from our Christchurch Product team.  I feel privileged to be part of a group of like-minded people taking on a challenge and getting behind a great cause.

I appreciate any support you can give to raise as much as we can to help the NZ Spinal Trust continue to be an innovator and leader in supporting people with spinal cord injury.

If you’d like to give to support Simon’s efforts, please mention him in your donation comments 🙂


Introducing Karen and Ken – Christchurch: 

It all started with a meal a few drinks (maybe more than a few!) & a whole lot of bragging. The bragging may have gotten us into a bit of trouble because now we are participating in the Tour of NZ 2023. Three years ago Karen had a spine fusion which momentarily stopped her in her tracks and we, supported by ETCO now have the chance to give back to a fantastic cause – The NZ Spinal Trust. We love riding together. We take cycling holidays every opportunity we can but this is the first one we’ve actually trained for, only because Karen’s determined not to get picked up by the tail end Charlie vehicle so we’re going to ride this one to the end. 

If you’d like to give to support Karen and Ken’s efforts, please mention them in your donation comments 🙂


Kia ora! I’m very excited to ride the Tour of NZ in support of the NZ Spinal Trust. As a long-time cyclist I’ve watched several friends recover from spinal injuries and have tremendous respect & appreciation for the work that NZST does. And as a product manager at Dynamic Controls it is fantastic to be able to support an organization that shares our mission of enhancing the lives of people with disabilities. I’m looking forward to a great week of riding supporting a great cause!

Thanks to everyone for your support 😊

If you’d like to give to support Topher’s efforts, please mention him in your donation comments 🙂


Introducing Philly, Christchurch:

I am riding the Tour of NZ for reasons that are very close to my heart as my father had an accident in 1991 that left him paralysed.

I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to raise money for the NZ Spinal Trust as I am very passionate about making a difference in the lives of those with impaired mobility.

NZ Spinal Trust makes great changes and gives valuable support to anyone with a spinal cord impairment.

Thank you all in advance for your support.

If you’d like to give to support Philly’s efforts, please mention her in your donation comments 🙂


Introducing Hayden, Christchurch:

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ride in my second tour supporting the NZ Spinal Trust and all the amazing work they do supporting positive futures.

This year’s tour will be epic, especially given I have a few more miles in my legs, and a new steed as a result of an unnamed incident in the 2021 event (all donations get a free account of this! Bribe)

Let’s get out there and raise awareness and funds for this important cause.

Thank you so much for any support you can give.

Let’s go!

If you’d like to give to support Hayden’s efforts, please mention him in your donation comments 🙂


Introducing Chris, Christchurch:

My wonderful friends Theo & Steph had recently talked about the Tour & asked if I’d be interested.

I committed straight away, having biked with them both for years & knowing the wonderful work that the NZST provides.

If you’d like to give to support Chris’ efforts, please mention him in your donation comments 🙂


Kia Ora! I’m Niki from Auckland. I’m a lucky mum to a beautiful almost grown daughter and surrogate mum to a fabulous class of 26 at a local school.

The Tour has been a dream of mine since moving to NZ 9 years ago.

Aligning affordability and the rare matching of school holiday time made me jump at this one off chance to enjoy the Tour for a very important cause. Even recent knee surgery couldn’t put me off!

I feel incredibly lucky to be taking part in this event, flying the MCC orange and black with my fabulous MCC counterpart, Leslie.

I’m looking forward to meeting some amazing people whilst drinking in the view- hopefully mostly dry and sunny after our ‘year without a Summer’ here in Auckland! 😄

If you’d like to give to support Niki’s efforts, please mention her in your donation comments 🙂


Introducing Ted and Steph, Christchurch:

I have been a supporter of the NZ Spinal Trust since I met a number of their staff in 2009 when a patient in the Spinal Unit – I was very impressed by them and what the Trust was doing. They have a very worthy cause; the journey through the spinal unit for both patients and families / friends is usually one that is life changing. Riding the Tour and raising funds is a natural extension for Steph and I and we’re both suckers for a cycling adventure!

Can’t wait to get involved and make new friends and meet new people.

If you’d like to give to support Steph & Ted’s efforts, please mention them in your donation comments 🙂


Hi I am Hans. I love the NZ Spinal Trust.

I love cycling and I love fun.

Together with my friends we want to raise $100,000 through this ride and think we can do it too!

Thank you for your support – especially you who have donated before AND you who are first timers.

Thank you everyone!!!!

If you’d like to give to support Hans’ efforts, please mention him in your donation comments 🙂


First up we have the Support Crew. With 15 riders this year (YES! 15!) we needed more than a one-woman band. Without further ado I introduce to you Andrew, Ian and Su …


My name is Andrew Short and I am the NZ Country Manager for Permobil NZ. We are committed to a partnership with the NZ Spinal Trust to support those with spinal injuries and complex rehabilitation requirements. The NZ cycle tour is one way we can demonstrate our commitment to our ‘user first: tuatahi’ core value that drives our business in New Zealand and globally. We have our APAC President and one of our sales team riding the tour on behalf of us all. My small part is to drive the support vehicle, be the cheer leader, support their progress, their personal challenge and offer all the resources they need to be safe and successfully contribute to the wonderful race and charitable fundraising cause. We cannot wait to get going!


Kia ora! I’m Su and I work at NZST as Fundraising Manager – best job in the world. Even if I wasn’t the Camp Mother for the tour I’d want to be on the support crew as the team we’ve gathered this year is awesome! We’re going to have a blast – and for a good cause … see how good my job is? 😍

Hiya! I’m Ian – married to Su. It might seem like my marriage depends on me doing this 😆, but I’m really looking forward to it. I heard so much about 2021’s Tour that I jumped at the opportunity to help out this year. And it’s for NZST – no better reason needed …