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  1. It’s back! Bigger and better than ever! …. And probably for the last time 😕  So we’re going all out. This year we have a team of a dozen riders, all looking forward to taking on the 5 day challenge that is TONZ 2023.  Woo hoo! 🤩


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  2. Ending Soon

    I am going to walk from Cape Reinga to Bluff on the Te Araroa Trail October 2022. I am taking a break from my work as a midwife, and as I turn 61 I want to to make the most of my health and time and I want to see this fantastic country up close and personally! Spinal Cord injury is close to my heart as I have a nephew who lost the use of his legs in a car accident 26 years ago. He is the most amazing human, a wonderful husband and gorgeous father and a really beautiful son and nephew. I don’t know how far I’ll get on my adventure, but having health and an able body is a gift and I want to use it well.

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  3. Brendon’s a devoted family man, a dedicated physiotherapist and a crazy mad cycling machine. He’s undertaken some phenomenal challenges in the past to raise money for NZ Spinal Trust – but this one is OFF THE SCALE! Come February 2023 he’s attempting to set a new record – cycling the length of NZ in just 4 days! CONFIRMED DATES: Noon, Fri Feb 17th – noon, Tues Feb 21st … look for Brendon and his support team on the road 🙂

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    Proudly representing the Leeston Cycle Club & Canterbury Cycling in New Zealand’s largest cycling stage race (Oct 30th – Nov 5th) and bringing awareness to the New Zealand Spinal Trust. Several of our team through work, whānau or friends, have a direct connection to NZST’s efforts. Add to that almost every cyclist knows of someone who’s been injured doing sports they love. Some of those injured have needed the additional care and support only a Team like NZST can provide. So our group has decided to make this about more than just cycling – we want this journey to make a difference.

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  5. Successful

    Brian’s growing a mullet for a year to raise awareness and money for the NZST – a cause close to his and his fiancee’s hearts, due to suffering a spinal injury in 2020, and they’re passionate about it.

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  6. Successful

    Arron might not look it but he must be slightly mad! Not only is he running a 42km trail run … it’s probably the toughest, highest, most grueling marathon trail in NZ … there could even be snow because it’s being run in May (the 14th, to be precise). Does this sound like a man who might be questioning his life choices? Maybe. But he’s determined to achieve some good along the way!

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  7. Successful

    Roxy’s Mum works for NZST so Roxy’s heard a lot about what goes on and how NZST supports positive futures. As someone who L-O-V-E-S running she can’t imagine not being able to. So every time she takes on a big new challenge she tries to raise some funds to help those who might never walk, let alone run, again.

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    Mark, Brenton, Chris, Dave, Andy and Jayden will be taking on the Arapuke Mountain Bike Park for 24 hours on Waitangi Day 2022.

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  9. Successful

    We are Zoë and Breahn! We will be running the Wuu2K (pronounced ‘Woo-Too-Kay’) on Saturday 17th July. It is a trail-running endurance event around the hills that surround the capital city. We will be halving the 62km Ultra-Marathon in a 2-person team relay event- with the team name Jackfruit!

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  10. Successful

    On March 4 I am setting off to ride 3000 km the length of New Zealand as part of Tour Aotearoa. Tour Aotearoa is a ride from Cape Reinga to Bluff, totally unaided, in no less than 10 days and no more than 30 days. The reason I want to take part in this tour is not only will it be a fantastic experience, but I want to give back and raise funds for the NZ Spinal Trust

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